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  • 离婚纠纷

  • 债权债务纠纷、索赔和和解

  • 劳务纠纷

  • 继承法律事务






We assist our customers in dealing with international civil legal disputes.  Our services mainly cover the following global issues:

  • Divorce dispute

  • Disputes related to claims and debts

  • Labor disputes

  • Legal matters of succession


With rich experience in international legal services, we provide professional legal support for clients' legal problems, assist clients in hiring experienced lawyers, integrate necessary legal resources, and provide professional and efficient legal services. We also help review legal documents and provide issuance of lawyer's letter, evidence preservation services, and due diligence investigation. Zinhlex also guides our clients to handle notarization and certification.


If you encounter legal disputes or other legal matters involving different regions in China or deal with international civil and commercial issues involving China, don't hesitate to contact us in need.

 Civil Matters

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