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  • 跨境合同和民事法律事务中法律关系的定性和分析

  • 外国法查明、选择和适用法律指导

  • 对管辖和争议解决方法的论证

  • 设置对当事人有利的争议解决机制

  • 确认通知、送达的效力

  • 裁判文书的承认与执行




Almost all cross-jurisdictional international civil and commercial dispute resolutions involve legal issues of private international law. This includes the application of law in contracts, the jurisdiction and procedures for dispute resolution, and the cases that may relate to marriage, inheritance, custody, professional intellectual property litigation, claims, or the application of laws in the fields of international aviation and shipping.


Our experts have high attainments in the field of private international law. We issue legal opinions and expert advice to our clients and assist clients in answering the following questions:

  • Qualitative and analysis of legal relations in cross-border contracts and civil legal affairs.

  • Guidance on the identification, selection, and application of foreign laws.

  • Demonstration of jurisdiction and dispute resolution methods.

  • Set up a dispute resolution mechanism specifically for our clients.

  • Confirm the validity of notice and service.

  • Recognition and enforcement of judgment documents.


We also assist clients in hiring experienced experts and scholars in China's private international law to provide services.

International Private Law

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