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  • 中国的渔业企业的国际投资、海洋渔场管理、捕捞配额交易提供专业咨询服务。

  • 协同国际专业机构,共同在渔业领域为中国企业提供新的视角和信息。

  • 也为国际投资在中国的渔业和海产品市场拓展和开展商业活动,提供专业的法律咨询。

Both offshore aquaculture and offshore fishing involve a series of legal issues, including the acquisition and transfer of the maritime rights of use, the construction and operation of marine fishing grounds, international fishing quota transactions, fishing vessel operation agreements, labor disputes for fishery crews, and entry and exit management. Related issues also extend to fisheries conventions between countries, marine environmental protection issues, and associated legal issues in seafood import and export trade.

The environmental protection, and fishery-related investments, including international quota transactions and international M&A, have increased significantly due to the rapid growth of China's domestic seafood consumption market,consumption upgrades, and the extension of the fishing ban.

We provide you with:

  • Professional consulting services for Chinese fishery companies in international investment, marine fishery management, and fishing quota trading.

  • Cooperate with international professional organizations to jointly provide Chinese enterprises with new perspectives and information in fisheries.

  • Professional legal advice for international investment in China's fishery, seafood market expansion, and commercial activities.


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