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  • 航运和海事的国际公约、法律法规、中国司法机关制定的司法解释。

  • 协助客户检索和比对涉及船舶租赁、船舶抵押、船舶碰撞和国际航运、港口货物仓储、海上保险合同、水域人身损害的相关案例。

  • 协助客户联系国内顶尖的海商法领域的律师事务所及专业律师。

  • 协调与来自各方面的法律专家一起举办培训和研讨会,为海事请求保全、国际仲裁、海事法院案件审判、海事强制执行等案件中涉及的重大疑难法律问题寻求解决方案。


We provide the following services:

  • Legal documents to clients, including international shipping and maritime conventions, laws, regulations, and judicial interpretations formulated by Chinese judicial authorities. 

  • We help clients search and study relevant cases related to shipping leasing, ship mortgage, ship collision, international transportation, port cargo warehousing, marine insurance, personal injury on waters. 

  • We assist clients in contacting top domestic law firms and professional lawyers in the field of maritime law.

  • We coordinate training and seminars and invite legal experts from all walks of life to seek solutions to major complex legal issues involved in maritime claims preservation, international arbitration, maritime court trial, maritime enforcement, and other cases.

Maritime law

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