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领事认证的目的是使一国出具的文书能在其他国家境内得以承认,不会因怀疑文书上的印鉴、签名的真实性而影响其域外法律效力。因为我国尚未加入《 海牙关于取消外国公文书认证要求的公约》,使领馆认证是我国公民和企业涉外民事活动经常需要办理的事项。



  • 确认国内需要的相关法律文书的内容;

  • 由文书签署或出具地的律师或公证机关进行认证;

  • 由英国外交部对于律师公证的文件进行认证:

  • 将英国外交部出具的文件连同其他必要文件,交中国驻英国大使馆进行领事认证。









Certification refers to the act of a country's embassy and consular confirms overseas legal documents under the "Vienna Convention on Consular Relations" and a country's domestic laws, such as the relevant provisions of the "Notarisation Law of the People’s Republic of China". Certification refers to the act of a country's consular. The consular confirms overseas legal documents under the "Vienna Convention on Consular Relations" and a country's domestic laws, such as the relevant provisions of the "Notarisation Law of the People's Republic of China." The consular activity is to confirm the authenticity of the last seal and signature on the domestic foreign-related notarization, other certification documents, or relevant foreign documents based on the application of a natural person, legal person, or other organization.

The purpose of certification is to enable documents issued by one country to be recognized in other countries. It will not affect its extraterritorial legal effect due to doubts about the seal's authenticity and signature. At present, China has not yet joined the "Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents." The certification by embassies and consular is frequently handled by Chinese citizens and enterprises in foreign-related civil activities.

The certification procedures of embassies and consular vary from country to country, and the methods for different document purposes may also be other. Some of them need to be certified by the local court or the diplomatic department before the embassy can perform the certification.

For example, if a document issued in the UK is to be used in a Chinese court, it usually needs to go through the following steps:

  • Confirm the content of relevant legal documents required in the country.

  • The attorney or notary office in the place where the document is signed or issued shall be certified.

  • The documents notarized by lawyers shall be certified by The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Submit the documents issued by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with other necessary documents to the Chinese Embassy in the UK for consular authentication.


In some countries, it's difficult for clients to find an agency to provide such services, and usually, the process can be very long and complicated.In this case, the client may need to find another approach. For example,  after confirming with the organization that receives and uses the certification, the client can apply for certification by the embassy or consulate of a third country closely related to the country that issued it. In addition, before notarization and certification, documents related to evidence, such as foreign document certificates or foreign language audio-visual materials, should be translated by a qualified agency or attached with other accurate translations with a valid seal or the translator's signature.


We are familiar with the notarization and certification process in international civil and commercial affairs, and we provide professional and efficient legal consulting services for clients' specific projects.


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