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The construction of an energy development project is usually very complicated. In China, such a project involves several government departments, including the Ministry of Land and Resources, Housing and Urban-rural Department, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, State Taxation Administration, Financial Institutions, etc. The project process includes preliminary preparation, bidding, negotiation and signing contract, construction, completion acceptance, supply, and final accounts. The procedure in each stage is various. It is subject to different legal regulations and has corresponding legal risks.


We allocate China's high-quality legal service and expert resources in the energy fields for our clients to assist them in demonstrating major legal issues in investment. We also pay attention to cross-border energy resource integration and corporate M&A projects, assist in developing new energy technologies, and provide legal-related consulting services on introducing technologies and equipment. Our experts also focus on photovoltaic energy, offshore wind power, and industrial M&A cases.

Energy industry

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